Blue Class

This series focuses on those that are inexperienced in social situations and subsequently lack the learned skill of guarding oneself against the intrusive nature of the camera. Their innocent attempts at self-presentation are transparent, for we are able to detect obvious visual signifiers towards their identities at this moment in their lives.

The children, in their first year of schooling are at a transitional life stage for they move away from the early years under almost constant parent/guardian supervision, into children that are developing knowledge, confidence, independence, friendships and self-awareness. As a parent of similarly aged children, I am also keen to record such a precious, transient life stage before it has gone forever. Therefore this work also references the embalming nature of the photograph.

Throughout my interaction with them, and in looking at the resultant photographs, I question what type of adults these children will grow into? What does the future hold for them and what type of lives will they lead?

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