White-Collar Boxers

White-collar boxers are traditionally people from white collar professions who train with, and compete against, similarly matched opponents. Since the sports inception in 1980’s New York, popularity has spread globally. Many UK gyms train boxers from a range of backgrounds, with varying levels of experience.

These boxers were photographed outside their basement boxing gym in South London before they began intense training. It felt like a departure point where they left their ‘nine-to-five’ identities behind and became equals. The duality of identity is evident as each subject juggles their ideas of self as they prepare to enter the gym - where there is the real risk of being exposed by opponents in an intense, male-dominated environment.

Just as August Sander’s Boxers (1929) worked against his intention of categorising types, we are also able to consider a broader range of 'boxer types' in these images. Their motivations for training and competing are probably just as varied, although the desire to nurture a tough alter-ego might be prevalent amongst those who participate in combat sports.
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