This series is a record of brief interactions between strangers and me as we crossed paths on the streets of London. Each subject was approached as they passed blank, in-between spaces of the city. The variables in presentation emanate from the subjects themselves, as I look for the essence of each person beneath the superficiality of external appearances.

I have embraced the subjective nature of the medium (and more specifically portraiture) and acknowledge the distinguishing signifiers of type worn by my subjects, such as dress codes, postures, style and fashion. Superficiality has not been ignored, but is recognised and considered whilst looking for something of the person beneath.

With limited contextual information we are forced to ask: Who are these people? Where are they heading? and Where are they now? The time specific characteristic of a frozen moment within each onward journey illustrates the notion of ‘that has been’, and we consider what John Berger describes as ‘the abyss between the moment recorded and the moment of looking’.

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